2006 Durango Independent Film Festival Award Winners

by Scott Stewart
03/08/06 Scott Stewart

DATE: March 5, 2006
TO: National, Local, State and Regional Entertainment Media
FROM: Scott Stewart (info@durangofilm.org)
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The 2006 Durango Independent Film Festival Celebrates Filmmakers with Awards Party!  

The 2006 Inaugural Durango Independent Film Festival concluded on Sunday March 5th, with a spirited award ceremony in the Abbey Theater offering over 15 film and filmmaker awards and it’s first ever Sponsor Spirit of Film Award. This celebration of the Independent Filmmakers was heavily attended and offered a successful close to a very successful event.

“We’re very pleased with the crowd response to the over 66 terrific films and great parties offered by DIFF,” states Carla Finlay DIFF Board Member. Another DIFF Board Member Julie Cooley added, “One of my favorite awards was the Sponsor Spirit of Film award. Julie adds, This was a new award created to give extra acknowledgement of one of the sponsors who truly mirror the independent spirit of the festival and were integral in support the festival and film in Durango.” Staff member Joanie Fraughton, added, “Our sponsors are critical to our long term mission of achieving self-sustainability…we wouldn’t be anywhere without the many sponsors out there making a DIFF!”

The 2006 winner of the Sponsor Spirit of Film Award was: Fred and Diane Wildfang, Kirk Komick and the Rochester/Leland House Hotels. “While many of our sponsors certainly qualify for this award, Kirk Komick and The Wildfangs really stood out as superstar sponsors this year, states Greg Weiss, DIFF Board Member. Greg adds, “I look forward to recognizing other terrific businesses with this award.

Below are the 2006 DIFF Film and Filmmaker Awards:

Best Documentary Short                                   “Ride of the Mergansers”
Jury Commendation Short Documentary   “Run To Jays”

Best Documentary Feature                                “Balloon Hat”

Jury Commendation Documentary Feature     “The Sandman’s Garden”

Best Live Action Short                         “The Last Farm”
Jury Commendation                    “SPIN”

Best Animated Short                            “Joyride”

Best Narrative Feature                         “The Far Side of the Moon”
Jury Commendation                  “The Gigolos”

Filmmakers Award                               “Cowboy Del Amor”

Audience Awards:                                

Best Short                               “Lost People of Mountain Village”
Best Documentary                   “El Inmigrante”
Best Feature                            “Joy”

Best Children’s Film                 “Spin”
School Audience Award           “Mighty Times: The Legacy of Rosa Parks”

The Durango Independent Film Festival strives to bring the best in independent film to Durango that otherwise wouldn’t show in the community. DIFF hopes to connect Durango to the rest of the world through independent film! The March 1-5, 2006, DIFF 2006 festival showcased more than 65 films and hosted more than 25 filmmakers. For more information you can go to http://www.durangofilm.org , email us at info@durangofilm.org or call us at:

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