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Richard Ballantine

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Julie Cooley
Ann Flatten
Peggy Russell
Sandy Siegrist

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Shane Fraughton
Devin Newby

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Bank of the San Juans
Robb Brantley & Michele Malach
Bob and Mimi Chaput 
The Denver Foundation – Tom and Mary Orsini
Lynn Gray
Cecity Klingman
Phyllis Max
Scott and Julie McCallister
Larry McCardle
Joe McLaughlin and Debbie Wright
Jim Mohle and JM Jones
Jessie Morgan
Bud and Jean Poe
Tiptop Software Company

Catherine Adam
Sally and Gene Bradley
Community Foundation Serving Southwest Colorado

Cyprus Cafe
Bobby and Lana Duthie 
Essence Chiropractic Studio – Stephanie Harris
Joanie Fraughton
Deahna Geehan
Ed Lehner and Julie Ward
Anna Lefebvre
Lisa Mackey
Gail Nadeau
Peter Norton and Judy Hodges
Marty Palecki
Mary Jo Rakowski
Barry Spear
Nancy Stoffer
Frank Viehmann and Barb Gysel
Bill and Chris Warren
Kaiya Dewey White
Margaret and Arthur Zemach

In Kind Donors
Carla Finaly
Joanie Fraughton

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