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Durango Film brings a community together with independent filmmakers for the unique opportunity to experience and discuss global, innovative and diverse films.  People who have attended our festival find Durango, Colorado to be one of the best venues for film and fun. With the spring ski season in full swing during the festival dates, there is no shortage of activity for film goers. Join us every year for our film festival in a town in Southwest Colorado that “ought to be in your pictures!”

Durango  Film is made up of a diverse group of folks that are all passionate about film. From previous experience, the Durango Film staff understands how film can make a difference in the enrichment of a community, and is dedicated to this purpose. To this end, Durango Film has created a Mission Statement and Guiding Principles in order to have a good blueprint for delivering its basic goal of executing an artistically and culturally successful film festival that is also financially sustainable. More information about Durango Film can be found below:

Durango Film Guiding Principles

2005/2006 Annual DIFF Report

2006/2007 Annual DIFF Report

2007/2008 Annual DIFF Report

2008/2009 Annual DIFF Report

2009/2010 Annual DIFF Report

2010/2011 Annual DIFF Report

2011/2012 Annual DIFF Report

2012/2013 Annual DIFF Report

2013/2014 Annual DIFF Report

2014/2015 Annual DIFF Report

2015/2016 DIFF Annual Report

2016/2017 DIFF Annual Report

2017/2018 DIFF Annual Report

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2005/2006 DIFF Form 990

2006/2007 DIFF Form 990

2007/2008 DIFF Form 990

2008/2009 DIFF Form 990

2009/2010 DIFF Form 990

2010/2011 DIFF Form 990

2011/2012 DIFF Form 990

2012/2013 DIFF Form 990

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Durango Film’s Tax Identification Number: 20-3395808

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