Our Fantastic 2018 – 2019 Durango Film Staff

Executive Director

Joanie Leonard

Seasonal Administrative Assistant

Gyana Bandy Gomar

Office Volunteer Assistant

Pam Irwin

Sponsorships & Program Ad Sales

Joanie Leonard

Year Round Volunteer Staff Members

Catherine Adams, Lynn Armato, Cindy Coleman, Jim Cunningham, Crystal Delgai, Claudia Foley, Deahna Geehan, Bandy Gomar, Nick Gonzales, Kim Heikens,  Janae Hunderman, Pam Jeffers, George Johnson, Michele Malach, Wade Moore, Shane Nelson, Scott Rahilly, Kathy Robinette, Melissa Simmons, Carla Toth, Greg Weiss, and Karen Zenger


Programming Director: Position is currently being covered by Joanie Leonard & Catherine Adams
Adventure: Shane Nelson
Narrative Features: George Johnson
Shorts: Michele Malach
Feature & Short Documentaries: Scott Rahilly
LGBT Program: Greg Weiss
Family Program: Wade Moore
Native American Program: Crystal Delgai
Reel Learning School Program: Claudia Foley
Juror Coordinator: Gyana Gomar

Operations & Venues

Team Leader: Michele Malach
Theatre Managers:
Janae Hunderman  (Animas City Theatre)
Nancy Cardona (Gaslight Twin Theatre)
Karen Zenger (Durango Stadium 9 Theatre)
Venue Assistant Managers: 
Pass Management & Will Call: Carla Toth & Lynn Armato
Pass Production: Basin Printing & Imaging


Print Traffic/Tech: Jim Cunningham

Tech Director: Nathan Hollis
Tech Team: Freedom Hopkins, Patty Lecht, Adeliza Backus-Pace and Peter Salinger

Festival Parties & Events

Team Leader: Kathy Robinette

Hospitality Management

Team Leader: Greg Weiss
Filmmakers Lounge: Cindy Coleman
Juror Coordinator: Gyana Bandy Gomar

Panels & Workshops

Rich Henrich

Volunteer Coordinator

Pam Jeffers

Print Projects

Print Collateral & Signage Coordinator: Kim Heikens
Festival Graphics: Duck Girl Art
Program Layout  Artist: Cindy Coleman of Duck Girl Art
Program Editor: Deahna Geehan
Graphics Wrangler: Cindy Coleman
Merchandise Coordinator: Melissa Simmons

Website & Communications

Newsletter: Joanie Leonard
Social Media Marketing: Nick Gonzales
Web Designer: Jim Batchelder

Programming Teams


George Johnson, Head
with Jan Johnson & Robb Brantley


Michele Malach, Head
With John Condie, Ken Coleman, Pam Smith & Robert Snead

Feature & Short Documentaries

Scott Rahilly, Head
With Pattie Adler, Barb Gysel, Ian Simmons & Doug Wakeman

Native Cinema

Crystal Delgai
With Jason Benally, Julie Cooley and Bob Zenger

Adventure Sports Program

Shane Nelson


Wade Moore, Head
With Oren Moore, Cornelius Hurley, Aiden Hurley, Aaron McKelvey, Laura McKelvey, Rachel McKelvey,  & Juan, Larissa and Elena Lopez


Greg Weiss, Head
With Jeff Johnson,  Mark Wiechmann & Kain Eggler

Public Schools Program

Claudia Foley, Head
With Kim Heikens, Deb Nielsen, Karl & Mary Lynne Herr

2019 Festival Photographer

Katie McCranie



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