Support the future work of durango film

Make a contribution to the 2023 Durango Independent Film Festival

Your contribution makes a difference

Thank you for being a part of the success of Durango Independent Film Festival. We are celebrating our nineteenth year of film festival excellence, and are here today thanks to you. 

Your continued support helps us move Durango Film forward into the 2024 festival as we:

1. Inspire and Educate Audiences with Independent Film

  • Screen global, innovative and diverse films both virtually and in-person this year
  • Connect filmmakers, their vision, and their art with the community
  • Contribute to improving film and media literacy in the Four Corners region
  • Develop public school and education programs for local and regional children
  • Develop educational panels and workshops for the audience using visiting filmmakers

2. Support the Independent Filmmaker

  • Provide a forum for independent films to be seen
  • Expand the audience for independent films
  • Increase opportunities for contact with other film professionals
  • Promote local film production; serving as a liaison between production crews and the community

3. Improve the Local Economy by Drawing Visitors to La Plata County

  • Durango Film’s community economic impact has been valued at $353,000 in prior years.

The cause is one you support:  The future work of Durango Film!

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