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WHY should I attend? Because we have FUN! Durango loves to take care of the filmmakers and give them as much audience interaction as possible. If you’re an audience member, you’ll be exposed to cultural themed films as well as comedic and entertaining ones. You’ll meet filmmakers from around the world and be able to talk with them and ask them questions about their film and what it took to make it. You can attend our panels and workshops and learn more about what happens behind the scenes and how a film gets made.

Here are a few testimonials from 2022 attending filmmakers:

“One of the most hospitable film festivals I’ve been to. I flew in from Connecticut and was blown away by how they treat filmmakers. This is definitely a ‘filmmaker’s festival’ and it’s located in an adorable quaint western town. Looking forward to going back again!” -Alex Morsanutto, OPERATION: CAVITY

“The friendliest festival I have ever been to. The whole town makes you feel welcome and comes out to see the films. The location is amazing – in the snow topped Rocky Mountains. The programming was really impressive. I saw dozens of great short and feature documentaries. The panels were really intimate and emotional. All the hosts worked hard to make sure the filmmakers and audiences connected and had a great experience. The whole festival runs super smoothly with complimentary drinks every night and great conversations and unexpected encounters. The team are passionate about independent films and put endless energy into celebrating them. If you go, visit the local speakeasy – best fun bar in town – if you can find it and have the password!” -Darren Bender, Ferryman

“The community and hospitality were brilliant. The staff went out of their way to welcome our huge crew and participants. You can even celebrate on a 140-year-old train deep in the mountains on your day off. Thank you DIFF!” -Michael Ramsey, Our Story – The Indigenous Led Fight to Protect Greater Chaco

“It’s my first film festival, had a wonderful experience. Meet a lot of filmmakers telling me that this is a nicer festival in the US. People are so welcoming and the audience ask brilliant questions. At one point in the QA the director and the audience were both crying. I can feel that filmmakers come here with their passion.” -Zhihao Deng, Blossom in Silence


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