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WHY should I attend? Because we have FUN! Durango loves to take care of the filmmakers and give them as much audience interaction as possible. If you’re an audience member, you’ll be exposed to cultural themed films as well as comedic and entertaining ones. You’ll meet filmmakers from around the world and be able to talk with them and ask them questions about their film and what it took to make it. You can attend our panels and workshops and learn more about what happens behind the scenes and how a film gets made.

Here are a few testimonials from 2023 attending filmmakers:

“Fantastic festival!! One of the best ones I have ever been to! Theaters were great and there were lots of activities for filmmakers to attend.” -Chris Ward, A Long Way From Nowhere

“The Durango Film Festival is located in a wonderful small mountain town where the community really supports the festival. Filmmakers will have a wonderful experience meeting each other at the various events and parties. The theaters have great attendance and Q&A. We were honored with the audience award for our film “Remember the Children”. Durango has a terrific film festival!!! Pilámaya” -Jim Warne, Remember the Children

“One of the best festivals I’ve been to. Well organized, caring staff who treat the filmmakers like family. Very glad I went.” -Dan Karlok, The Drive


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