Who make all this happen

Durango Independent Film Festival
Board of Directors

  • Dwayne Baker, Chair
  • Dean Fagner, Vice-Chair
  • Stephani Burditt, Secretary
  • Kelsey Pratt, Treasurer
  • Shannon Kunkel, Director
  • Aimee Martin, Director
  • Cindy Pickett, Director
  • Cate Smock, Director

2020/2021 Durango Film Staff

Executive Director
Joanie Leonard

Seasonal Administrative Assistant
None in 2021

Office Volunteer Assistant
Pam Irwin

Sponsorships & Program Ad Sales
Joanie Leonard

Year Round Volunteer Staff Members
Lynn Armato, Cindy Coleman, Jim Cunningham, Claudia Foley, Gyana Gomar, Nick Gonzales,  Rich Henrich, Cornelius Hurley, Kristina John, George Johnson, Michele Malach, Wade Moore, Shane Nelson, Scott Rahilly, Kathy Robinette, Chandra Stubbs, Carla Toth, Meghan Walsh, Greg Weiss, and Karen Zenger

Cornelius Hurley / Programming Director
Shane Nelson & Leba Glazner / Adventure
George Johnson / Narrative Features
Michele Malach / Shorts
Scott Rahilly & Barb Gysel / Feature & Short Documentaries
Greg Weiss / LGBT Program
Wade Moore / Family Program
Kristina John/Native Cinema Program
Claudia Foley / Reel Learning School Program

Operations & Venues
Michele Malach / Head of Operations

Theatre Managers (none in 2021):
James Simmons  (Animas City Theatre)
TBD (Gaslight Twin Theatre)
Karen Zenger (Durango Arts Center)

Venue Assistant Managers
Sharon Jarrett, Durango Arts Center

Pass Management & Box Office
Carla Toth & Lynn Armato

Pass & Program Printing
Basin Printing & Imaging

Jim Cunningham / Print Traffic/Tech
Bryce Warren / Tech Director

Tech Team:
Patty Lecht, Dylan Hamilton-Smith, and Riley Gardner

Festival Parties & Events
Kathy Robinette / Team Leader

Hospitality Management
Greg Weiss / Team Leader
Cindy Coleman / Filmmakers Lounge
Gyana Bandy Gomar / Juror Coordinator

Panels & Workshops
Rich Henrich

Volunteer Coordinator
Chandra Stubbs

Print Projects

Print Collateral & Signage Coordinator: Cindy Coleman and Joanie Leonard
Festival Graphics: Duck Girl Art
Program Layout Artist: Cindy Coleman of Duck Girl Art
Program Editors: Cindy Coleman & Joanie Leonard
Merchandise Coordinator: Cindy Coleman & Joanie Leonard

Website & Communications: Jim Batchelder, Rest Easy Hosting
 Joanie Leonard
Social Media Marketing: Nick Gonzales
Web Designer: HelloZark

Donor Screening Coordinator
Robb Brantley

Programming Teams
George Johnson, Head
with Robb Brantley, Catherine Adams, Karen Overington and Amber Lark

Michele Malach, Head
with John Condie, Ken Coleman, Pam Smith & Robert Snead

Feature & Short Documentaries
Scott Rahilly & Barb Gysel, Co-heads
with Pattie Adler, Doug Wakeman, Carla Toth & Barry Spear

Native Cinema
Kristina John, Head
with Danielle Sullivan, Stephen Sellers

Adventure Sports Program
Shane Nelson & Leba Glazner, Co-Heads

Wade Moore, Head
with Oren Moore, Aiden Hurley, and Noah & Teresa Foutz

Greg Weiss, Head

Reel Learning School Program
Claudia Foley, Head
With Deb Nielsen, & Amelia Dutch

2022 Festival Photographers

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