Many Thanks to our 2023 donors who support both our in-person
film festival in Downtown Durango in March, and our virtual festival presentations. 
We look forward to seeing you in 2023.

2023 Donors

Our mission is to provide the community an escape to expand your mind and explore the world through the art of independent film, and to educate area students through our Reel Learning school program.  This is made possible by grants, individual donations, and sponsorships from local business partners. If you love film and want to see the festival continue to fill a creative need in our community, please donate now.

We also accept donations specific to programs that are also a part of our organization, such as the Reel Learning school program and the Four Corners Film Office. Reel Learning donations can be made here, however, if  you wish your donation to support the Four Corners Film Office, please visit and click on the donate button.

A donation of ANY amount is greatly appreciated!  Durango Film is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization so your generous donation may be tax deductible. However, please check with your financial advisor. Thanks to everyone listed here for supporting the art of independent film.

RED CARPET LEVEL: $1,000 – $2,499

Leba Glazner

PREMIERE LEVEL: $500 – $999

Dwayne and Kristin Baker
Robb Brantley and Michele Malach
Nanc Cole
Carla Finlay and Rob Dawes
Region 9

MATINEE LEVEL: $250 – $499

Sharon Claiborn
Barb Gysel
Shannon Kunkel
Cate Smock and John Egan


Catherine Adams
Lindsey Biaggi
Claudia Foley
Brooke Goulding
Richard Grossman
Lee Hagar
Patricia Hall
Sharon Jarrett
Janice Jensen
Morgan Kusian
Joanie Leonard
Martha Minot
Peter Norton and Judy Hodges
Kelsey Pratt
Chris Warren
Lisa Young
Karen Zenger

escape. expand. explore.