“Profiles of Independent Film” was created to view and discuss the bodies of work of up-and-coming independent filmmakers past, present, and future. Through interviews and viewing films we discover the different paths of being an independent filmmaker.

2024 – Alethea Root

Alethea Root is an award-winning director and producer. Alethea got her start in film production as a production designer. She is best known for her work on the Academy Award-winning short film, “West Bank Story,” and the Emmy-winning web show, “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog.” Her recent feature film, Good Side Of Bad, was the opening night film at the prestigious Dance with Films Festival in Los Angeles and has gone on to win several awards. Her first feature film, Part Time Fabulous, was featured at DIFF in 2012. She has several features in development and is committed to telling paradigm-shifting stories that help elevate the human condition.

2023 – Travis Mills

Travis Mills was born in Quito, Ecuador. He spent the majority of his early life abroad in Europe and Africa before returning to the U.S. He settled in Arizona where he co-founded Running Wild Films in 2010 with playwright Gus Edwards. Since then, they have produced 25 feature films and more than 100 short film projects. In 2020, Mills completed production on his most ambitious project yet: 12 feature-length Western films in 12 months. The next year, he published a book which is available on Amazon about this experience titled The Making of 12 Westerns: Or How I Made a Dozen Movies During a Global Pandemic and Survived. During 2021, Mills also collaborated with producer Dallas Sonnier on the Gina Carano-starring Western, Terror on the Prairie.

2022 – David Dibble

David Dibble’s extensive body of work began when he was just a young lad. We featured David’s work on festival trailers (including our own), music videos, commercials, and short films, including his newest film shot in Silverton, Colorado Rocks 4 Sale!

2021 – Gavin Michael Booth

Our inaugural Profiles of Independent Film examined Canadian born writer, director, and producer Gavin Michael Booth, winner of the 2020 Durango Film’s Feature Film Juror and Audience Awards for his groundbreaking film Last Call. His films, music videos and commercial work have been featured around the globe in theaters, on television and online. His work includes collaborations with Third Eye Blind, NBCUniversal, Sony Pictures, Blumhouse, Royal Bank of Canada and more.

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